Saturday, December 4, 2010


We didn't know how life is going on after 2 years , 4 years and 10 years but we had seen what happened is going on out there . Human on the outside just an way of thinking how to build logical industries , waste money through something ain't benefits and planning all they activities without as much as for thinking cause from what they did . Effect of improper management of natural resources such as logging activities will cause flash floods and reduces oxygen content but increases carbon dioxide content in the air . The various organisms in the forest of their habitats are destroyed not too much of this , this activity it worsen the global warming phenomenon . In addition , uplanned clearing of the  land will cause exposing the land to erosive agents such as water .Burning fossil fuels example petroleum , natural gases or coal will cause their effect on the environment . Major pollutants like acidic gas such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide will cause affects the respiratory system , lower the pH of river or pond water that making it unsuitable for aquatic organisms and lower the pH of soil and making it less fertile for plants . Soot  and dust to bring about reduce visibility , affect the respiratory system and cover the plants stomata and lower the rate of photosynthesis . Carbon dioxide causes the greenhouse effect , which in turn causes such as global temperature to increases and the worst situation are the ice at the nothern and southern poles melts and causing the sea level to rise . Carbon monoxide have destructive effects on humans , which causes reduction in the ability of the blood to transport oxygen in the body  , giddiness and headache if the pollutant is inhaled in small quantities and the bad situation is death if the pollutant is inhaled in large quantities .
Human have to trying to kept the world free from the destroyed . We have our kingdom that our king handle it but animal kingdom , plant , land and the air who want to handle it if is not we, us , our , me , you , they and them . If we diminished ethusiasm to protect our world , we never get better life as long as we can breath . We have to vouch the future of the world . Im voicing my view not to mention or admit anything that you'll be touching above .

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