Friday, April 22, 2011

To my best pal Mimi

The began of the life is  lovely as you think about . But at the end of the life we have got nothing. May I completed my little phrases for the person that I love as my friend . We were young to think about how’s beginning our relationship , the people always fight for their own priority for their friend . But there is noway to get into . I am here for adding a word to the person that I loved , I wish I could be better than before for her . Speaking about her , her is the subject for the women . She is too kind for me , she will do what she want to do , she never get enough what she had got but she is so caring for the people surrounding her and she is a trump I perceive . A few days ago , we had fight and I knew that it was my mistake and I am never say apology to her . After the event past , I felt that I was rude to her I am not explaining to much for the ground , I am so upset . I never had an idea for reply to it . I take a break to think about us , my heart says being with you is simply the best way for me to spend my life .I love you today and all of my tomorrow . I wish I could be your best pal for the last long . My dear pal , if you counted and counted till you got addled you have to be wery careful o’ vidders all your life .My thanks are due in three quarters , to you my big pleasure if you read this till end of the passage . To you thanks cuz will make me happy and to you too I am very glad to know you cuz I knew you are the person that I will trust one . My love

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